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Edwardian Era: Circa 1890-1910

Edwardian 'Combination' Set - $24.00

Combination - $20.00

  • This beautiful and feminine undergarment is made of white cotton. It is trimmed at the neckline and sleeves with gathered white lace, and a lace and ribbon belt. The drawers are trimmed with rows of white lace and pale pink ribbons. The top is also trimmed with tiny buttons and pink ribbon bows.

Petticoat - $4.00

  • The petticoat has a yoke of white cotton fabric, and a ruffle of stiffened crinoline, or tulle. It is recommended for wear with all our ‘Edwardian’ dresses to give them a proper period look. The top is elasticized for ease of use.
What is a ‘Combination’?

A ‘combination’ is a chemise and drawers sewn together at the waist. Up until the 1870’s, the chemise and drawers were two separate garments. However, Edwardian women wanted less bulk in their undergarments, so the combination was created. This combination is an authentic 1909 design. During the Edwardian eras, even though underclothing was not bulky, it was heavily decorated with embroidery and lace. This combination reflects the fancy and frilly tastes of Edwardian women.

What is a Petticoat?

A ‘Petticoat’ was a skirt worn under the dress. The purpose of a petticoat was to give a fashionable look and to provide warmth. It was also considered immodest during many periods to wear less than two petticoats. Sometimes a petticoat could be ruffled or decorated with lace and embroidery.

During the Edwardian period, even though a lady’s underclothing never showed, it was considered to be of high importance. It was often heavily trimmed and decorated, and was also advertised in a way that made it appeal to the feminine tastes. However, World War I threatened, and the once complicated and frilly underthings were quickly discarded for more practical wear.

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Edwardian 'Combination' Set
Edwardian 'Combination' Set