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Regency Period: Circa 1795-1825

'Malmaison' Dress - $34.95

This beautiful Dress is inspired by a period painting. It features:

  • A pale lavender taffeta dress with puffed sleeves
  • Delicate white lace at the neckline and light gold fringe at the hem
  • Regal gold braid at the waist and hem. The waist also has a belt of light gold jacquard ribbon, gold braid and a silver medallion.
What is ‘Malmaison’?

The Château de Malmaison was once the residence of Josephine Bonaparte and her family. Josephine bought the estate while Napoleon was on his Egyptian campaign in 1797. Josephine spared no expense in turning the run-down manor house into what was called ‘the most beautiful and curious garden in Europe’. Josephine was an avid botanist, growing about 250 varieties of roses at Malmaison. Josephine is still famous today for her roses.

After Josephine and Napoleon divorced, she lived at Malmaison until her death in 1814. After being sold a number of times, the Château de Malmaison came back into the hands of the Bonaparte family. Napoleon III had the property restored in the mid- 19th century. The estate is now a national French museum.

This dress was inspired by ‘The Rose of Malmaison’, a painting by Jean Louis Victor Viger Du Vigneau, a French artist. His depiction of Josephine sitting in a group of ladies with Napoleon shows the Empress in a dress very similar to this one. It was common during the reign of Napoleon for courtiers to be dressed very opulently. In fact, in order to jumpstart the textile industry in France, Napoleon made it illegal to wear the same dress to court more than once.

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