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Doll Clothes of Yore CLOSING by January 1, 2019

Colonial Era: Circa 1750-1795

'Lucy Knox' Dress - $41.95

This lovely dress comes with a matching choker. It also features:

  • A striped cotton dress with lavender, pink and blue stripes.
  • A stomacher and skirt inset of lavender cotton.
  • Ruffles of matching fabric trim the dress and sleeves, and the sleeves and neckline are also trimmed with white lace.
  • The sleeves are also trimmed with a mauve ribbon bow and blue satin roses.
  • A blue cameo pendant on a mauve ribbon.

This dress is shown with a petticoat, sold separately.

There are only 3 available.

Lucy Knox, maiden name Lucy Flucker, was the wife of Henry Knox, Major General of the Continental Army during the American Revolution and the first United States Secretary of War.

Lucy was born to a prominent Colonial family, her father a British government official. She fell in love with a young bookseller, Henry Knox, and married him against her family’s wishes. After the battle of Lexington, Lucy’s ‘Tory’ family left for England. Lucy and Henry escaped from Boston during the siege, and Henry joined the Continental army and became friends with George Washington. During the war, Lucy was well known among the soldiers, and she inspired them with her cheerful demeanor and fortitude. After the Revolution, Lucy and Henry retired to a quieter life in Massachusetts, where her hospitality and lively conversational skills became well known.

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