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Colonial Era: Circa 1750-1795

Colonial Undergarments - $35.00


  • The petticoat is made from white cotton and stiff netting. It is elasticized at the top for ease of use. The petticoat can be worn without the panniers under dresses.


  • The panniers are made from white cotton and have two rows of boning to keep their shape. They also have a ribbon drawstring and are adjustable.


  • The shift is made from white cotton and has short sleeves and a gathered neckline. The shift can also be used as a nightgown. The shift fastens with velcro. *** The shift is currently unavailable.

Undergarments were very important during the Colonial times. Because clothing was so expensive, the purpose of undergarments was to keep the clothing clean. Undergarments were very plain during this period and were usually white.

Even though petticoats were worn during the colonial times, our doll’s petticoat is not historically correct. However, we do recommend our petticoats because they help to give the doll’s dress a historically accurate look. Although our panniers can be worn without the petticoat, we believe it looks better with the petticoat.

What is a ‘Shift’?

A shift was a shapeless garment worn under the stays (or corset) next to the skin. The shift is the same thing as a chemise. Unlike in later times, it was not considered improper for the shift to show under a dress, in fact, some shifts had decorative ruffles sewn onto them that showed at the neckline. Our doll’s shift is completely historically correct.

What are ‘Panniers’?

Panniers, or pocket-hoops, were used throughout the 18th century to create the fashionable silhouette. The panniers accentuated the hips and were boned to keep their shape. Our doll’s panniers are completely historically correct.

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